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Today, most people use a mobile device, usually a smartphone, as their portal to the world they want to navigate – finding information, locating friends, carrying out transactions, exchanging messages, and much more.

In the future, this is only going to increase, as the power and variety of mobile devices grow. At touché, we think interactive apps and solutions will enhance the richness provided by mobile devices, by allowing smartphone users to interact better with their immediate environment. And we think businesses and enterprises will benefit in the future from building a detailed picture of mobile use by location, time and user.

These technologies, namely NFC (Near Field Communications) and Bluetooth Smart (supported by QR codes), are game-changers that are revolutionising the advertising, marketing and location-driven service sectors. This technology has garnered the attention of brand and business owners looking for new ways to promote their products and enhance their advertising and marketing strategies, as well as those who want to enrich their communication with customers.

However, a business looking to use these technologies to their benefit may have found an effective, independent, one-stop solution difficult to locate. That is, until now.

Effortlessly Promote and Enhance your Business with touché

We at touché help businesses to not only promote their products, but enhance their marketing strategy as well. We use our long experience to offer your business or enterprise the 3 vital components for successful implementation of interactive mobile solutions using NFC, Bluetooth Smart and QR:

  • An expert consultancy, including Project Management and System Integration;

  • Integration of a mobile device with its immediate environment, including hardware and software development, and mobile transaction security;

  • A secure back-end data base for information processing and reporting.

With our expertise, your mobile business solution can be installed and working to your advantage by the best combination of these capabilities.

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Grounded Solutions Based on Hard-Won Experience

Our combined experience is long and varied. We are highly skilled in engineering design, as well as all manner of software, including mobile and web apps. In addition, our experience lies in business development, mobile security and RFID solutions from which our growing list of international businesses have continued to benefit. You could be next.

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Investing in interactive mobile solutions has the potential to dramatically improve your bottom line: creating new lines of business, reducing costs, and enhancing competitiveness. Contact touché now to discover how you too can start interacting with your customers and users on an entirely new and exciting level.

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