Touché announces touché connect: 2nd generation platform for managing digital and mobile marketing campaigns.

Press Release

First published 28.3.2014 and reposted 21.6.2016

Touché has released touché connect, its 2nd generation platform for brands and agencies to manage engagements with consumers.

In today’s connected world, smartphones and tablets are becoming the platforms of choice for customers to access information about products and services, look for offers, and share experiences with friends.  In response to this marketing campaigns must be diversified across many different media such as social networks and posters. Interactive technologies such as NFC, QR Codes and Bluetooth smart devices (BLE, or iBeacons) are also vitally important as they can enable a direct engagement between consumer and brand owner or agency. When deploying campaigns across these multiple media it is important to be able to quantify their effectiveness. With digital and mobile enabled campaigns this is now more achievable than ever before. touché connect allows users to:

  • Manage posters in a campaign
  • Add interactive technologies such as NFC, iBeacons and QR Codes
  • Link to social media campaigns: Facebook, Twitter…
  • Add vouchers and coupons
  • Analyse performance by time of day, day of the week, by source, by technology
  • Calculate conversion rates for coupons etc.

touché connect views each of these consumer engagements as a “connect point”.  These can be considered together to provide a holistic view.  Through a range of reports and data exports touché connect provides data to assess the effectiveness of campaigns.

The Hotspot Map can show which posters are working and which aren’t.  touché connect can provide data by day of the week and time of day, to allow users to tailor the message of a website or digital content to the audience at that time.

touché connect is configurable to campaign needs.  For instance, another way of presenting this data is graphically:

Notes for Editors

Touché-NFC Ltd, based in Nottingham and Bristol, UK, was founded in 2012 to provide the back office solutions needed for brands and agencies to handle the diverse engagements consumers employ in the 21st century, especially including social media and NFC.  The company offers a range of services, including:

  • Location Based Marketing
  • NFC support for Transport Operators
  • NFC Business and Technical consultancy