Find My Car installed at SWARCO Traffic World, Austria

Touché is pleased to announce the installation of its “Find My Car” parking solution at SWARCO Traffic World, Wattens, Austria.

By Trevor Crotch-Harvey

9th February 2017

SSTW-Showroom-37WARCO Traffic World

At the headquarters of traffic technology group SWARCO, in the beautiful Austrian Tyrol, visitors are introduced into how modern traffic management works across all traffic modes. Road safety products, parking systems, LED technology, software application and the linking of technology components within the SMART CITY concept are part of the presentation at the life-sized traffic management centre where SWARCO connects to references across Europe.

SWARCO is a collaborator with touché in the development of the “Find My Car” solution, which helps people find their cars in large shopping centres or airports, after some time away. The parking solution consists of three components:
• An Android app, branded with the logo of the enterprise, which a user taps on arrival in a car park, to have his/her parking location remembered.
• touché beacons with a 1 year plus battery life. The beacons use Bluetooth Smart (sometimes known as Bluetooth Low Energy or iBeacon) technology, and require no external power supply or network connection.
• touché connect, the back office system that knows where each beacon is located, recognises each user’s phone, alerts the enterprise to users’ arrival, and records transactions for future user contact.

Find My Car has now been installed at SWARCO Traffic World, so visitors can move around the large demonstration space and see how their smartphones detect the presence of several beacons and display location information on their smartphone screens. Each interaction is recorded on touché connect, so the enterprise can see how many individuals are visiting.

STW Crop

Touché directors Trevor Crotch-Harvey and Glenn Needham demonstrate Find My Car working at SWARCO Traffic World, along with Tom Buck, Solution Manager for SWARCO Parking Division, and Michael Strasser, Manager of SWARCO Traffic World

Upcoming versions under development are planned to offer enhanced functionality, and are intended to include iPhone as well as Android versions. Customers can be shown targeted promotions based on their known shopping habits and current location. Registering the car location could be the first opportunity to make an offer to the newly arrived customer. The app has significant potential as a collector of marketing data, including consumer visits and purchasing habits, demographics and vehicle ownership.

Find My Car is intended as an enterprise solution. It can stand alone, or it could be integrated into an existing shopping centre or airport app – touché is ready to help with this. It’s expected that enterprises will offer this solution as a free service to customers, drawing more users in and capturing data about their visits. The payback for the enterprise is from the creative use made of the data to enable Location Based Marketing.

Tom Buck, Solution Manager for SWARCO Parking Division commented: “Touché’s Find My Car solution is a natural extension to our existing parking offerings. In the future it will enable our clients to engage more closely with their commercial customers and end users. That’s why we’re happy to collaborate with the development of the solution – but it will require new thinking for the parking industry as it takes on board the potential opportunities.”

The solution can also be applied to VIP concierge services (for example casino visitors) and disability users, to provide discreet help (for example refuelling a car). For more information, call touché or contact us through the touché website:, or use the Contact Form:

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