About Us 1The founding directors of touché are Trevor Crotch-Harvey and Glenn Needham. The company is a joint venture formed in 2014 that combines elements of their two companies: Fenbrook Consulting Ltd and Near Field Solutions Ltd.

Fenbrook’s expertise involves advising business about smart and mobile ticketing strategy and solutions, whereas Near Field Solutions specialises in the design, development and implementation of NFC, Bluetooth Smart and contactless smartcard solutions.

Transforming Possibility into Usability

touché helps businesses realise the many possibilities of mobile technology for the promotion of their businesses, as well as for making the customer experience richer.  It has combined the best of Fenbrook and Near Field Solutions and, as touché, has offers mobile-based solutions for companies needing:

  • Location-based marketing solutions;

  • Expert advice on the implementation of Bluetooth Smart and NFC for transport ticketing;

  • Bespoke solutions which help customers accomplish certain tasks, such as finding their car in a busy parking lot, or supporting disability provision;

  • Mobile transaction security.

The long experience of the founders allows touché to supply advice and solutions backed by deep industry knowledge and long, hard won experience.

Why touché is Different

touché is the engine room of interactive mobile solutions; it offers a rare combination of:

  • Consultancy – showing enterprises how to make the most out of mobile by not only helping them plan, but by implementing solutions.  The directors have extensive experience of Project Management and System Integration.

  • Hardware – designing bespoke components like RFID and NFC readers and installing the required components such as Bluetooth Smart beacons.

  • Back Office – the touché connect database processes all the information collected by touché’s solutions, by user, location and time.  This offers richer and more usable information to clients to help refine campaigns and processes, and bring content to users’ mobile devices which is relevant to time, location and personal needs and preferences.

Completed Projects by the Founders

Pilot of smartphone/beacon ticketing in Nottingham, supported by ITSO, in collaboration with Nottingham City Transport

Feasibility of smartphone/beacon ticketing in Bristol, supported by the UK Department for Transport and ITSO, in collaboration with the University of the West of England

Find My Car parking solution installed at Swarco Traffic World, Austria

NFC Transactions Bypassing the Secure Element, supported by Innovate UK, in collaboration with the University of the West of England

HeartSafe – using NFC to improve the consistency and quality of regular and routine defibrillator checks

Chairing Working Groups of the Transport Card Forum on smart ticketing technology and deployment

Chairing the Security Working Group for the NFC Forum

Completing multiple projects for MasterCard on contactless payments

Developing a secure access control solution for DHL

Writing 2 books for IDTechEx: NFC in Mobile Phones, and RFID in China

Advising silicon manufacturers on the integration of NFC capability, e.g. Panasonic, TI

Speaking at more than200 conferences worldwide on RFID, NFC, and campus cards

Designing a prototype secure mobile transaction solution avoiding the Secure Element

Project Director for several large smart ticketing schemes for Motorola in Netherlands, Berlin, Rome, and Izmir (Turkey)

Contact touché

We can be reached via info@touche-nfc.com, or you can call us on +44 (0)117 970 1773. You can also visit our contact page for more contact options.