BluetoothHow do Bluetooth Smart Beacons Work?

A Bluetooth Smart beacon is a transmitter that broadcasts a signal that can be picked up by a mobile device. Installed in several locations inside or outside, these beacons instantly recognise and interact with compatible devices. Because Bluetooth Smart beacons are so versatile, their uses are only limited by a business’s imagination. Beacons do not require mains power or network connection, and have a typical battery life of more than a year, so the cost of installation and maintenance is minimal. Touché can customise each beacon so it reaches only those users who are relevant.

(Bluetooth Smart beacons are sometimes called Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or iBeacons.)

What this means to you:

Bluetooth Smart beacons are small and inconspicuous enough to be installed on walls, counters, phone boxes, parking stanchions, bus stops or on board vehicles. They use Bluetooth signals (which have the advantage of not being blocked by walls) to calculate the proximity of a smartphone to a given beacon.

People at a bus stop using mobiles
People at a bus stop using mobiles

Bluetooth Smart in Transport

Touché has conducted successful tests of mobile/Bluetooth ticketing on buses in Bristol and Nottingham.  (See the blog pages for details.)  These show it is possible to determine the boarding and alighting points for customers, and which service they are using.  This can reduce the amount of cash being used and speed up services through minimising driver interaction.

Bluetooth Smart in Retail

Bluetooth Smart beacons are transforming the way businesses conduct marketing on the High Street.  Why?  Because they give relevant messages to customers’ smartphones, based on their known preferences and their physical location, enabling highly personal marketing campaigns.  No wonder so many businesses are getting excited about these sleek and inconspicuous pieces of hardware.  At touché we’re here to help you take advantage of new technologies to improve your marketing and customer service.

Once you have this information, then the magic can start:

  • Deliver instant messages to your customers; special offers, flight updates, parking availability – the possibilities are endless.

  • Allow easy instore payment for goods and services, without needing a wifi or RFID connection

  • Keep your customer in control: they opt in for the adverts, services and features they wish to receive.

  • Deliver coupons and time-relevant special offers direct to your customer’s smartphone when they’re at your location.

Find out what Bluetooth Smart beacons can do for you

At touché we are excited by the revolutionary prospects opened up by Bluetooth Smart beacons and other mobile centric technologies.  Are you ready to find out what it can achieve for you?  To chat with one of our team, call us on +44 (0)117 970 1773, or send us a direct message through our website contact page.