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In the future, brands and retailers will reach consumers in new ways. In a mobile centric world, personal devices will be the portals citizens use to access the products and services they want. No longer will it be sufficient for brand owners to “shout” at consumers through static advertising. In the future, offers will need to be personalised, location specific, and immediately accessible.

Mobile technology offers a golden opportunity for businesses to reach out to their customer base in an inclusive and innovative way. This can include NFC, Bluetooth Smart beacons and QR codes, interacting with social media and a dynamic back office which keeps track of individuals’ preferences. It could be combined with parking, located in a shopping centre, or accessed while using public transport. The results are evident from the growing number of smart posters, interactive ticketing and location-based apps available in the market. Can your business afford to stand on the side-line?

Touché has experience of marketing and technology strategies which can maximise access to mobile users in ways which have the greatest appeal. If you’re contemplating incorporating mobile into your sales and marketing strategy, then you need an expert on your side which combines extensive expertise and knowledge with an ethos of personalised service. At touché we offer professional business and technical consultancy services to help you analyse and understand mobile technologies, manage your implementation, and avoid any pitfalls.

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