Using Mobiles to Improve Disability Navigation

QR CodeDisability 3Nowadays, society demands that strong efforts should be made to allow people with disabilities to navigate their worlds with the maximum of convenience and self-reliance. These demands are often being translated into legislative requirements, with penalties for non-compliance.

Mobile devices have the potential to interact with disabled users to their great benefit; if this is combined with location awareness, and a database of personal needs and preferences, assistance can be provided to the disabled – discreetly tailored to their needs. The benefits can be commercial as well as altruistic – not only attracting the disabled themselves, but giving a reason for their friends and family to prefer one provider over another.

At touché, we specialise in using the expanding field of NFC and Bluetooth Smart beacons, together with our
touché connect
database of personal preferences. We use these in practical ways that help businesses grow and
give disabled consumers a more enjoyable shopping experience.

Disability 2The possibilities are endless: for instance if a disabled customer arrives at a petrol station, their smartphone based app could alert shop assistants that the customer required help, and could specify what that help was, without the customer having to draw attention to themselves. Or, in a shopping centre or railway station, wheelchair customers could be directed to step free routes, and sent offers along the way.

This serves to give better access to retail parks, transport hubs, supermarkets and petrol stations for elderly and disabled customers, by improving accessibility and convenience.

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