About Us 1Location Based Marketing uses NFC (Near Field Communications) or Bluetooth Smart beacon technology to allow you direct access to your consumers, increasing ‘impulse sales’, building your customer knowledge and expanding knowledge of your brand. It changes the face of traditional advertising by reducing the ‘hard sell’ aspects and seeking to engage new customers in a more conversational manner, sensitive to their physical location and known preferences.

How does it work?

Location Based Marketing is a creative way of attracting new customers by encouraging them to interact with Smart Posters or beacons. The customer uses their smartphone to access special promotions, online shops or discount codes, simply by scanning an NFC chip embedded in the advert, or accessing an offer directed from a beacon.

NFC-enabled adverts are now instantly recognisable in bus stops, high streets, service stations, shopping centres and railway stations – and are increasingly used by a growing segment of businesses.

As well as making your advertising more effective at converting new customers, Location Based Marketing gives you access to a comprehensive range of useful marketing metrics, such as age range and purchase habits. You can also access data to optimise where you place your posters and adverts. And you can find out how often named individuals visit your location, and send them offers which reflect their shopping habits, similar to the way Amazon works online.

Our Services

TransportQR CodeAt touché we provide the interactive technology that makes your Location Based Marketing come to life. By using our bespoke CMS, you will see which posters were tapped, who by, the time of day they were used, and how many times they were accessed.

Sectors that can use these solutions include retailers, restaurants, night clubs, and cafes. We also offer cost effective services for marketing agencies looking to exploit the potential of NFC technology.

Click here to watch a short video explain location based marketing and how our solutions can help you grow your business.

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