Mobile SecurityThere is a trend towards using mobile devices for secure applications, such as access, payment, or transport ticketing. These new uses of mobile devices introduce new threats, centred on the powerful processing capabilities of mobile devices and their large memory, compared to the previous usual devices, contactless cards. At touché we have studied these threats, in conjunction with academic partners, and supported by research grants. Using cryptography, we have created a suite of bespoke mobile security functions to protect our clients and their customers while using smartphones and digital communications. These are under constant development, as applications grow, and new handsets, operating systems, and apps become available.

If your business employs mobile technology, such as NFC, QR Codes or Bluetooth Smart beacons, then you could be at risk of fraud or unauthorised access unless you take the appropriate steps to ensure mobile security is appropriate for your applications.

Our experienced team of mobile security experts is in a good position to keep you one step ahead of the hackers. Our mobile security libraries can be tailored to the needs of your business and ensure authorised browsing and transactions for your users.

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