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Smart Cities and how they will define the future

A ‘Smart City’ is one that increasingly uses convenient personal devices to actively engage its citizens. The concept is becoming more and more popular in the UK and across Europe, where transport companies, city councils and local businesses are using Near Field Communications (NFC) and Bluetooth Smart technologies to allow people to navigate their worlds and purchase services directly through their smartphones.

In this mobile centric world, the possibilities for transforming our cities are endless:

  • Disability 2Public transport passengers can find service information and buy tickets, based on where they’re located and previously stored information about where they want to go and how they prefer to travel; then they can share this information with their social media contacts

  • Disabled users can find retailers and other service providers which will cater for their particular needs, efficiently and discreetly

  • People on a night out can find the nearest pub which sells their favourite beer

The common factors enabling all these are: secure mobile apps, the smartphone’s interaction with its immediate environment; and a back office database which records user preferences. touché has all three vital elements and is leading the way in developing practical solutions that help you take advantage of NFC and Bluetooth Smart beacons to develop your business or enterprise.

BluetoothWhat impact will Mobile technology have?

Our mobile centric solutions have been developed to help you engage your customers and increase your returns from marketing and product sales.

  • Location Based Marketing: Use NFC enabled chips or Bluetooth Smart beacons to allow your customers to access interactive content through their mobile devices.
  • Public Transport Operators: In cities across the UK, transport providers are allowing their customers to use NFC enabled phones to quickly purchase tickets, check train or bus times and verify previously bought tickets. For transport operators, our solutions make purchasing and using tickets a simple, straightforward and intuitive business. Click here to find out more.
  • Bespoke business solutions: At touché we have many years combined experience applying NFC technologies into dynamic apps that address the issues faced by your business. Our consultancy services can help you harness the new technologies to improve your marketing, customer service and sales, or to develop your own bespoke NFC app.

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