NFCNFC (Near Field Communications) Technologies

At touché we create dynamic apps that help your business harness the emerging field of digital communications opened up by NFC (Near Field Communications). Our Company is one of the most talented creative teams engaged in new digital technologies in the country, having been involved in the field from its inception in 2004.

What is NFC?

NFC is a form of radio communication that allows two devices to interact through touch or scanning. This allows the exchange of data between the two devices, facilitating payments, social media shares, and other digital interactions. As the name suggests, NFC works with close contact, up to around 10cm proximity.

NFC emerged from RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification), an enabling technology for wireless transactions. NFC is used in many settings, including the ‘smart poster’ adverts commonly seen in bus stops, train stations and shopping centres.

Why Use NFC?

For your business, NFC allows you to create a detailed picture of your customer; one that reveals their spending patterns, individual preferences and even their physical proximity to a shop. This enables you to closely target marketing campaigns to engage your specific audience, and increases the conversion rate of traditional adverts.

Find Out More

For a bespoke NFC solution tailored to your business objectives, speak to our team of talented digital technology consultants about the options available to you. Send us an email to, or get in touch by phone on +44 (0)117 970 1773.