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We at touché have developed interactive mobile solutions that have not only helped our clients understand their customers on a behavioural level, but has also helped them stay within budget and enjoy a return on their investment.


Smart Cities

Wikipedia defines a Smart City as one that “uses digital technologies or information and communication technologies (ICT) to enhance quality and performance of urban services, to reduce costs and resource consumption, and to engage more effectively and actively with its citizens.

We have embraced the idea of the Smart City in several ways by creating applications for a variety of situations.


Easier Parking

Our Sectors 3Home Page ImageOur “Find my Car” application targets shopping centres, airports and large car parks. Bluetooth Smart beacons are placed in several locations throughout car parks. When a customer parks their car, they can opt to receive a map on their phone that will help them find their vehicle easily once they return to the car park. The application also benefits businesses, which can access the collected data.

Click here for our “Find my Car” video


Tailored Promotions

Disability 2ConsultancyShops can use our Location Based Marketing solutions to send personalised promotional offers to anyone nearby who corresponds to their target market. For example, a fashion-conscious person with a preference for blue can be sent a message to notify them of new fashion arrivals at a nearby shop; or a cafe can use Location Based Marketing to send nearby devices a discount on their next cup of coffee.

Click here for our “Location-based Marketing” video


Improved Disabled Persons Assistance

Disability 3NFCNear Field Communications (NFC) or Bluetooth Smart beacons can also benefit people in other ways. For example, a solution could be installed at a petrol station to notify shop assistants when a disabled person arrived. The assistants could then go out to help them discreetly without the disabled persons having to draw attention to themselves.


More Informed Mass Transit

About Us 3TransportThose riding on Mass Transit can receive information on their device about schedules and transit payments, as well as use the application to make payments for public transport, or find shops and restaurants in the vicinity of their destination. The solution can also be integrated with social media and further personalise the information and offers presented.

Transport operators can also benefit from the Mass Transit secure ticketing solution, which reduces the need to manage transit cards and payments, establishes a direct relationship with their travelling customers, and provides richer data about their travelling habits.


Enterprise Solutions

Our Skills and CapabilitiesBusiness DevelopmentMobile devices will increasingly be used in the future to streamline the way services are delivered, from Access Control in Higher Education or corporate sites to the user experience at an interactive museum. Touché is well placed to consider the best way to deliver these solutions. We are independent, not aligned with any supplier, and are able to carry out a project from design, through prototyping, to Project Management and System Integration.


Are you ready To Invest in Success?

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