At touché we create applications using several technologies. All have their place in the spectrum of Location Based Marketing, information-providing and citizen assistance sectors.


NFC, or Near Field Communications, is being used by companies and enterprises worldwide. This technology makes it possible to interact with NFC-enabled objects like smart posters via a few taps on a screen. This technology can be used to help customers answer questions about a product or company and inspire them to purchase specific products.

For the business, NFC allows for a detailed picture of the customer to be created; one that reveals their spending patterns and individual, when used in conjunction with other touché components.

Bluetooth Smart Beacons

A Bluetooth Smart beacon is a transmitter that broadcasts a signal that can be picked up by a mobile device. Installed in relevant locations inside or outside, compatible devices instantly recognise these beacons and the information they broadcast. Because Bluetooth Smart beacons are so versatile, their uses are only limited by a business’s imagination; but at touché we have a number of suggestions…

Typically, a beacon will direct a phone to touché connect, which will send it to an enterprise’s landing page. This can then deliver messages or offers to customers, based on knowledge of where they are, what time it is, and knowledge of their preferences.

QR CodeQR Codes

QR code is short for ‘Quick Response code’, and its technology can be seen everywhere; on billboards, posters and products, as well as shop windows. Using a smartphone, an individual can capture the information stored in the QR code to find out more about a product, service or shop. QR codes can be captured on any device that has a camera and an app with which to scan the code itself, even if it doesn’t support NFC.


CMStouché connect

Our own solution is a CMS or Content Management System which collects transaction data, directs a mobile device to a client’s landing page, and produces reports. These include detailed information about which points in a shop were accessed, when the interaction occurred and how many times it was interacted with. This information can then be used to develop marketing campaigns that not only engage customers, but can also help businesses to optimise poster locations for the highest possibility of interaction.


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