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Have you ever struggled to locate your car when parked in a busy car-park like a shopping centre, theme park or airport? If so, you’re not alone. We have developed our smartphone based ‘Find My Car’ application especially for drivers like you.



How does it work?

Home Page ImageOur new ‘Find my Car’ application is designed for drivers using shopping centres, airports and large car parks. Beacons are placed in several locations throughout the parking area. After enrolling in the service, when a customer parks their car, they will receive a welcome message, and their visit will be recorded on the enterprise’s database, run by touché connect. At the end of their visit, they can opt to receive a map or directions on their smartphone that will help them find their vehicle easily once they return to the car park. The app uses Bluetooth Smart beacons to show you where you are in relation to your car.


Who is it for?

Our Sectors 3Any driver can make use of ‘Find My Car’ to make finding their vehicle a fast and easy process. The application also benefits businesses. Supermarkets and retail outlets sharing large car parks on a retail park, for instance, could offer ‘Find My Car’ as a free incentive for their customers. The app also has huge potential as a collector of marketing data, including consumer visits and purchasing habits, demographics and vehicle ownership. The technology uses Bluetooth Smart bacons to transmit user data, meaning the customer can be shown targeted adverts based on his or her shopping habits, or in-app mark ups that indicate other local businesses. It could also alert a theme park or resort to the arrival of a VIP customer requiring a concierge service.

Click here to view our demonstration video and find out more about how Find My Car can benefit you.


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