QR CodeAt touché we create applications using several emerging digital communication technologies. All have their place in the tapestry of location-based marketing, information-providing and citizen assistance sectors.

What are QR Codes?

QR code is short for ‘Quick Response code’, and this technology can be seen everywhere; on billboards, posters and products, as well as shop windows. Using a smart phone, an individual can capture the information stored in the QR code to find out more about a product, service or shop. QR codes can be captured on any device that has a camera and an app with which to scan the code itself.

How can you use QR Codes to expand your business?

QR Codes have a number of important functions in business. They can be used as a ‘short cut’ to remotely stored digital content that is accessed through a customer’s smart phone. Thus QR codes can enrich any traditional marketing activity by adding a level of customer engagement that was previously unattainable.

QR Codes are now successfully used on forms of marketing as diverse as magazine adverts, business cards and product packaging. Use them to link customers directly to publication-specific discounts, promote a piece of content, or build your following on social media. QR codes have transformed the way businesses engage their target audience, and they can work the same wonders for you.

You can also use QR codes to complement your NFC applications, to cover those handsets which do not have NFC capability.

Support at the Level you require

Our customer service team offers two levels of support depending on the nature of your business:

  • To those business wanting to cost-effectively target new customers or keep current customers engaged;

  • To marketing agencies wanting to help their clients stand apart from their competition.

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