CMSIn the future, brands and retailers will reach consumers in new ways. In a mobile centric world, personal devices will be the portals citizens use to access the products and services they want. No longer will it be sufficient for brand owners to “shout” at consumers through static advertising. In the future, offers will need to be personalised, location specific, and immediately accessible.

But consumers will react negatively to ‘spam’ messages which show no knowledge of their particular preferences. It’s important to send only relevant offers, ideally sensitive to the consumer’s physical location. This is where touché connect comes in, our back office data engine, that brings together individuals, brands, campaigns and locations.

Why Use touché connect?

Find out which smart posters work well for you and which don’t; what days of the week and times of day are most effective. Change messages in real time, based on availability or changing demographics.

If you’re an advertising or marketing agency, this powerful tool will allow you to appear knowledgeable and forward thinking to your clients, and will help them maximise the return from their marketing spend. Touché connect can be configured to feed your own back office systems.

You can build up a picture of the habits and preferences of registered users (with their permission, as required by data protection legislation) and use that information to show you understand what they want and need, whether it’s a treat for the dog you know they have, or the need for a disabled person to have assistance to fill their car with petrol.

Touché brings together the three key elements which will be used in the future to reach individuals: secure mobile applications, the interaction with a smartphone’s immediate environment, and touché connect, the database engine that ties it all together.

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touché connect is aimed at Car Parks, Airports, Shopping Centres, Railway Stations and any other commercial property owner wishing to connect their tenants and customers to digital marketing.

Our team is ready to help you spotlight your business in the Smart Cities of the future. To find out more, contact us through our online contact page, or call one of our service team on +44 (0)117 970 1773.