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About Us 3Touché is bringing together two very large, global industries: smartphones and transport ticketing. These do not currently interact in a way that citizens and transport providers desire. Many transport operators want to engage more personally with their customers, and save costs by reducing the use of physical tickets and cards. They want to do this by offering flexible ticketing options direct to their smartphones, and integrating the ticketing function within an app, which also provides travel information, access to commercial offers, and links to social media.

The ticketing function clearly needs to be sufficiently secure, to deter fraud; however, the current way of achieving this is through the use of a smartphone’s Secure Element (SE) – usually, but not necessarily a SIM card – and this is under the control of a Mobile Network Operator (MNO). Obtaining permission from an MNO to access the SE requires a commercial agreement and probably payment – this is beyond the resources and motivation of most transport operators, so the facility is not being made available to citizens. Touché is circumventing this bottleneck by making possible secure transactions in software, using cryptography.

touché serves the global transport industry through game changing marketing and service technologies. We provide high-quality consultancy and bespoke Near Field Communications (NFC) and Bluetooth Smart solutions to help engage customers and develop your transport brand.

We provide the following services to our customers in the transport industry.


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Ticketing and payment: Smartphones make paying for tickets and services easy, quick and efficient. Many smartphones now incorporate NFC capability that allows seamless purchase of tickets, as well as redemption of previously purchased tickets. By tapping the phone on a bus or train reader, the ticket is validated, just as it would be with a contactless card, and the transport operator gets a record of the journey the known individual has taken.
Information: with our phone-based applications, your customers will have all the information they need about your services at their fingertips. Simply by tapping an NFC enabled tag on a poster or information post, or by receiving an alert from a Bluetooth Smart beacon, your customers can be fed real-time information about train times, optimum route planning and much more.
Social Media Integration: Integrate your ticketing and information system with your customers’ social media platforms, so they are tweeted the latest deals, or get the latest service information delivered onto their Facebook feed, and seamlessly communicate their plans and disruptions to friends and colleagues.

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